Thursday, December 30, 2010

There is no time for sadness Mama

I am not going into details on such a public place but we lost a very special person the Christmas. My father in law died Dec 15th. It was a complete shock. I am very sad and cannot express the sorrow I feel. We brought Grant's mom back to our house for Christmas. We are going through the motions but it doesn't feel like Christmas, until you talk to my 10 yr old.
As I tucked my precious daughter into bed on Christmas Eve I got sad - that's what happens,waves of grief and sadness pour over me - and I shed a few tears on her pillow. Lil'g patted me on the shoulder and said "there is no time for sadness tomorrow Mama." So right and so young. I went to bed reminded that Christmas is a day of joy and celebration. It wasn't the same but we had a good day and made same great memories.

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  1. * Hugs for you, G and lil' g * Hoping that your Christmas had its good times and that new memories with your family were made.