Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And the Race is On...

Snow, Snow, Snow. I am getting tired of all the snow and like most Canadians we start dreaming of warmer weather. In five weeks we will be heading to Texas where it is currently in the low 20's (80's if y'all are Fahrenheit), for a visit with my sister's family and our first race of 2014. 
Rhythm & Blues Race Feb 9, 2014

Part of me thought of waiting and get back at it on New Year's Day but why wait? Why not start today. I would love to have braved the roads with Grant today but it is too slippery (Ice Storm 2013) for me and too much risk. (I hear the warnings of the doctors in my head and for once I will listen); so the treadmill and I have a date later today.
Grant Running 12/28/2013
Since I haven't really been running in the last 3 months I am going to have to kick it into gear. Only 5 weeks to race day. At least I was able to switch my registration from the half to a 5k. I am a little disappointed as it would have been my first half but I will be thrilled to just to cross the finish line at this point and thrilled the organizers allowed me the switch. 

Registration for popular races are starting to open up: The Run or Dye race opened yesterday for the those who preregistered and the Tartan Twosome opens on New Year's Day. 
Tartan Twosome 2013
So I'm thinking, why not run a race every month of 2014? After all, it is starting to shape up that way. What a great way to help keep me motivated, especially through these long winters months.  I don't want it to feel like all work and no play so I plan on doing a couple fun runs, a new race or two and the ones that got me hooked in the first place. Will I do a Half this year?Probably not now. I think I will save that one for 2015.

Well, that's my plan now to get working on it. Here's to a fit and fun new year.


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