Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sun won’t rise the same

Before I opened the bra shop with Tammy, I used to work fulltime with my hubby, at our office in our home. I had to get an assistant to take my place so that I could focus more time on the shop. It has been an adjustment having a stranger in my home, at my desk, using my kitchen to make the office coffee.
Erni, our assistant, decided to take this week off so I am back at the helm while she is away. At the beginning of creating the bra shop, I felt a lot of stress and pressure from being divided between the two businesses and still be a mom, wife and find time for me. Tammy and I have a good handle on things with The Girls now, so I don’t feel that pressure going into this week at all. Maybe it is because I am well rested from the most amazing long weekend. I think that might have a bit to do with it. The beautiful weather and fresh air probably is helping too.
Today, I started off by enjoying the final chapter of my current read (“I Know This Much is True” by Wally Lamb) and a rich cup of Sumatra. Time to head to the office. I rearrange the desk to suit me~remove all extra pens and post it pads; move the tape dispenser to the left of the computer screen; adjust the chair for my 5’8” frame (Erni wouldn’t be more than 5’2”) and settle in. Grant (Big G) had already started some of the days work to make it a little easier for me. I smiled when I found out. He popped in every now and then to tell me this or that and then would head back to the lab. Later, Big G stepped out to drop off forgotten homework at little g’s school, he returned with takeout ceasar salads for both of us for lunch. We shared jokes and rants about the day, and I looked at my sweetheart and realized how much I love working by his side. To end my disneyesque day, I got an email telling me the proofs of our family photos are ready and a few are posted on Victoria West's blog. The last picture summed up the picture perfect day I spent with my love. Running through my head is Molly Johnson singing “If You Know Love” and I agree, if you know love like I know love, the sun won’t shine the same.

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