Wednesday, May 12, 2010


After a 2 week break from running and getting over a mild flu,I finally got back on the treadmill. I knew it was not going to be my best run but I was determined to get back at it none the less. While Tammy has been doing more of an endurance run, I prefer doing intervals. I started off with a 1/2 mile walk to warm up. I wanted to get a good warm up so I ramped up the incline to 6.5 and walked at a 3.5 mph. I usually run a 1/4 mile lap at 5 or 5.2 mph (running magazines would call that a light jog) but today I felt strong and wanted to push myself a little further so I pushed the buttons and ran at 6mph. It felt good but I was ready for a walk when I finished that 1/4 mile. I walked for 2 mins and pushed myself again and continued this interval training for the rest of my run. 28 min. later I finished my 2 miles. Not my best time but that didn’t matter. What mattered is that I pushed myself and did it.
Note to self: running gear is not as gimmicky as I once thought. Grabbing the first pair of track pants I saw I got dressed for my run. Cotton is not the best for running. Moisture wicking breathability is essential if you are planning on breaking a sweat. Half way through my run I was reminded of this. The cotton pants felt like 20 lb weights on my legs while my upper half was cool and comfortable. Thanks to my Freya Active sports bra.
I love this bra. It provides the lift and support my GG’s need without compression. The inner sling extends to the shoulder strap to enhance and reduce “bounce” when I run. The Cool Max Fabric does exactly what it claims to do, pull the moisture away. Cool Max Fabric dries five times faster than cotton. I have this bra in nude and red but I have to say I am partial to the red. Maybe it is because it could pass as a running top and I don’t really need another shirt over it or maybe because I love that a full bust girl like me can get something besides nude, even for when I am running.

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