Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring, you do not disappoint.

Today I decided to take the day off.  I didn't really know how to fill my day but I knew it would get filled. I have never been bored and it always irritates me when I hear people say that they are.
I was reading a bit out of a Trinny and Susannah book today and it said something like "if you kids are complaining they are bored, tell them to clean their room, they will quickly find something important to do." So true.
Well, clean is what I did today. Okay I slept in til 9am and started my day off with a few cups of coffee while I read a few chapters of a cheesy novel but then I got serious about my day. It is feeling like spring here, the grass is peaking through. The sky is blue and the sun is warm.  Today is a crisp 4C (that's 39F for my imperial friends) and my first task was hanging laundry on my line. Oh how I love the smell of clothes on the line. It is so beautiful, I have left the patio door open all day. Next, the bathroom. Oy. what a task. I mean how many figurines and barbies does one need to take a bath? And why do people keep the empty toilet paper rolls?Up go the windows in here too.  I'm moving on to the dining room and living room. Lookout Dust, I'm armed with Pledge and Papertowel, you don't stand a chance. The sunshine has filled every room of the house, but I think that is enough cleaning for one day. Let's not go crazy.
I managed to sneak in a few more pages while I had an afternoon snack and now I am heading to the treadmill. I want to get my run in before dinner. Tonight we BBQ.
Spring is here and I am so happy.  The winter blues were starting to take their grip. The time moves forward this weekend, the days are getting longer and I am seeing spring bulbs peek out of the ground.
So my day off comes to an end. Not full of excitement I know but I have had enough roadtrips for a while and 2 more coming up. It was nice to just stick around the house and enjoy the day.

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