Tuesday, March 9, 2010

pursuit of running

It's been a while since I posted anything about my attempt at exercise and the pursuit of physical fitness. The scales have not really budged in the last couple months. I hear big G's voice burning in my head "calories in have got to be less than calories out". Truthfully, I know that I need to get my body in motion. There are a few women in my life that I have admired, for while they maintain a household, work, chaffeur their children and more, they also commit to time for a run each day. I have been in awe of how they do it.
After much thought and contemplation and suggestion by my SFL coach, I decided to commit to running and possibly training for my first 10K.  Now this is going to be quite a feet as I have not even been able to run a complete mile up until March 1st. That's right March 1st, as in last week. That's the day I started to make a change and get my body in motion.
Five runs in the first eight days of the month, I am feeling motivated. My times are getting better, my distance further. I don't run the whole time.  I start off with a walk for the first half mile and then I do it. I run 1 whole mile, sometimes I keep going an extra quarter mile because the tunes are motivating, my legs feel strong stronger and I think I can. After I finish the first mile, I switch to intervals of walking a lap (1/4 mile) and running a lap. I only commit to 30-35 mins. a day. Anymore than that and I would not have the time, and would find many excuses not to do it.
I don't have a specific 10K I am training for, there are several taking place in the fall. For now, I am running on a treadmill and I know I have got to be able to do this on the road which is going to be harder.  The day I run 3 miles (5k) outside will be exciting for me and that is my 3rd goal.  My first goal? I have already achieved that: to run a mile. 2nd goal to run 3 miles on the tread.  Once I can accomplish this I know I am on my way to running a full 10K.

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