Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Curriculum Vitae

To Whom It may concern:
Please accept my resume for review for the positon of Superheroine. My educational background will show you that the 12 years of public school equipped me with the skills to fight against bullies within my peer group as well as the authority figures who thought they could rule with an iron fist and absolute abuse of the great powers that were bestowed upon them. In the late 80's I accepted a full scholarship program at the Boyfriends Gone Bad School For Girls, where I was fully immersed in the "kicked to the curb" program.I gained a valuable skill set which can be applied to almost any scoundrel, cheat or liar. Upon graduation, I set out to save the world.
While I had the heart and mind of a Superheroine, my superpowers needed some mastering, so I did a bit of contract work to hone my skills and expertise. You may have read about me in the Times, or the Inquirer. I have a  strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one's own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward or accolade. I am motivated, have a sense of responsibility. Unlike other superheros I do not have a personal vendetta against criminals, I believe they will have to answer one day for their actions. I do share with them the strong belief in justice and humanitarian service.
By day, I wear the disguise of a do it all mom who is seeking to find her mark by starting her own business.
Multi tasking comes natural to me. My secret powers? Well, they will remain a secret, for now. Should I meet your approval I would by all means give you a demonstration. I am blessed with eyes in the back of my head. Luckily, my long hair hides them. A goal of mine, that I have been working on for sometime, to be able to be at multiple places at the same time. This eludes me, yet I am optimistic that I will achieve my goal one day. Most of the time I am very serious and  task oriented, however I have a comedic side to my personality, which has been useful at times in mentally disarming the enemy. I always say "laugh at yourself first, then it doesn't hurt so much when others laugh at you!" Some may say I am intimidating, others would say I know what I want. Either way, I set a goal and I accomplish it. My alter ego is sweet and admiring, I on the other hand shoot more from the hip and call it like I see it. This can cause my tongue to be quick and rather cutting. I tend to be cautious using this ability only when necessary as I have learned, words are like toothpaste, once they spill out of your mouth you can never put them back in. I waste no time in getting the job done. Less talk more action, is what this world needs. Be sure, your adversary will quake when they discover I am on their trail.
I am enjoy the life I have now, so many masks I have to wear. Adding another mask to my wardrobe would only make it more colourful. I accept new challenges with gusto and a "BAM! KER POW!!" attitude. The anonymity of your want ad intrigued me.
While I have eradicated many of my archvillain's minions, I do realize that true evil is always lurking around the corner and I will not stop until peace and prosperity are extended to all. If this sounds like the right hero for you please contact me. Send a note by secret messenger to the house at the end of  Main Street. Look for the window with the candle lit at both ends. My faithful sidekick will see that the note reaches me and I will come at once.

Until then,
Miss Marvelous

In response to Sunday Scribblings #219 Superhero. I had fun with this. It seems that the prompts are always so timely. I've been hearing a lot lately about my daughter and how she looks up to me, like I am a superhero. Flattering but hard to live up to. Today, I went into her gr. 4 class to talk to them because she'd been boasting on my super skills at dollmaking - a skill that will supposedly help in their art project of making puppets. The teacher was skeptic until she saw my dolls. Now I am under pressure to make the bodies for 20 puppets in the next 2 days. No problem for this superhero. I may not be saving the world but to the gr.4's I am saving their puppets.  I'll take it.

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