Monday, June 28, 2010

Weighing Pros and Cons.

I woke up Saturday morning with a "can do" attitude and decided I was going to run 10 K. I have been running regularly every other day and doing my strength training as well. Usually logging 2 or 3 miles each run. When Saturday morning dawned, I felt like I could do it and go twice the distance. I enjoyed my morning coffee and read for a bit, let my breakfast digest and then headed to the treadmill. That's right, the treadmill. I know, I know. It is not the same as running outside. But like everything else I weigh the pros and cons before I make my decisions and the treadmill wins everytime. Let's see. The Pros of running outside hmmm? Changing scenery and fresh air. Ah, but wait fresh air is a con too. After one mile outside, I am wheezing more than a broken squeeker toy. The con list seems to grow quickly. There is the fact that the hills are harder. Well the whole darn run is harder with the incline constantly changing. Oh and let's look at form, ummm let's not. I am about as graceful as Big Bird running down Sesame Street, not exactly what I want the neighbors to see. 

Another con, I can't leave little g home alone. So running on the tread allows me to get my run at a relatively decent hour and dinner in the oven before Big G gets home for the night.  Hey, that would be a pro for the treadmill. Also, the tread will track my mileage and pace as well as the number of calories burned. I know these are going to be off a bit because the tread doesn't account for my height, weight or age but at least it is a good gauge. I am able to keep track of my progress and I always try to improve on my time or my distance. Running on the tread saves me the need for sunscreen. I can look out the window and see Mr. Sun quit nicely.  With all this rainy weather lately, I don't have any excuses when I run on the treadmill. And I can pop in a movie or get caught up on Young & The Restless. Of course, the volume is off because I have a great running playlist to keep me moving. But really do you need to hear what they are saying on Y & R? I mean, their actions speak pretty loudly.
So, the next time someone tells me "running on the treadmill is not the same, you should be outside in the fresh air" I am gonna look at him (yes, it was a him who said it) and say "well, at least I ran!"

For the record. I ran 10K on Saturday, not for any other reason but just to say "because I can".

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  1. Wow! Congrats on the 10k!! Sometimes when I jog on the treadmill I set the incline to at least 1 - this helps me get in better shape for the hills outside. But who am I kidding - I use a website called WalkRunJog that lets me map out my jog and it gives a line graph of the hills - when there are too many, I just pick a different route :)

  2. Well, you weighed your options and came up with a WISE solution!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team