Friday, July 16, 2010

Mishell ma belle

After a trip to the post office who then sent me to UPS, 45 mins of checking prices and delivery dates and I finally took a deep breath and said goodbye to my girl Mishell. I was a little sad as I wrapped her in the bubble wrap and stuffed her in the box. I thought I had another week to get her in the mail but Monday night I doubled checked the deadline and realized I had 3 more nights to complete her and get her in the mail. With my schedule, this was going to be a challenge indeed.

I don't know why I am entering this challenge, I am way out of my league, but as I explored the world of doll making I got more and more interested. I only discovered this wonderful form of art last July, while on a trip to NFLD. I bought whatever books I could and googled for hours. One day, I stumbled acrossed a website detailing the Hoffman Challenge. How interesting, I thought. So I sourced out a supplier of the fabric. Turns out there is one right here in Rothesay, NB.

Staring at the fabric for a few days, I had no idea how to make a doll worthy of this challenge. The ones I had made up to this point were pretty amateur. I cut and made two bodies and began designing the faces for and then I focused more on one expecting it would be a good practice doll and then I would do the 2nd one as my entry. Turns out, that she became my entry afterall. I named my entry Mishell - a mermaid. I didn't have a pattern for a mermaid - I made it up. As I worked on her, I kept thinking there has got to be an easier way to do this. I am certain there is, but I didn't find it. Her hair is made of Angora that I got from my favorite yarn shop Cricket Cove. It sells exotic yarns and fibres that are perfect for hair. 1000  of beads were hand sewn to her body and the shell chair she sits in. Yes, it is a shell, in case you can't tell. Her face is a little more fantasy like than my other dolls. I wanted lots of colour on her eyes. My friends say they see me in the eyes of my dolls.  Hmmmm? Not sure what that means. Ha.

So what now? Well, when I am not working or at the lake I plan on finishing my other doll. I am having difficulty figuring out her legs. In the past, my dolls have all been sitting. I want this one to stand and I am not exactly sure how to do that. Looks like I need to study a bit more. I have a few favorites that I like to follow and learn from. Extremely talented artists like Deanna Hogan, Patti Culea, Lisa LichtenfelsRivkah Mizrahi all inspire me. If you have a moment, I recommend you check them out.

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