Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Taking my shower this morning I reached for my favorite shampoo and thought what a great stocking stuffer idea for a runner and then I started making a mental list of my favorite things. I thought I would share- in case you are looking for some gift ideas:

The first thing I do when I get home is change out my dress clothes and into my soft and oh so comfortable jammies. I love the "Lois" set because it has a built in shelf bra that will actually work for my girls. There is just enough lycra in the fabric to make it move with you. of course these are available at The Girls Bra Shop.

I love shopping at the Lush store when traveling to Toronto or Halifax. I Love Juicy was recommended by their staff when I said I my hair is more oily on run days. This is a great shampoo. Wouldn't use everyday though as it may dry your hair out.

no more rice spilling over and make a mess in my microwave, but I don't limit myself to just rice. This pot will steam veggies perfectly. Want to book a party or place an order online?

My skin is what you would call "hyper sensitive" and a lot of detergents are to harsh. We brought Forever New into the store when we opened because it came highly recommended for caring for our product. It is so gentle, it doesn't burn or irritate my skin and it has a mild but really nice scent. This stuff is great. 

I went out for deodorant and hairspray and came home with Pearls. I love the simplicity, yet sophistication of them, why, I will even wear them with a t shirt and blue jeans. Yeah I know they say diamonds are a girls best friend and I would never refuse diamonds but pearls are different, classic.

I can't stand channel surfing. I am home alone a lot (well with little g) and I don't sleep well so typically I am up late. All very good reasons to invest in a series. There are so many to choose from. So many tv shows I couldn't miss over the years. But Ally McBeal was the quirkiest and most fun to watch. I have rewatched seasons 1, 2 and 3 a few times and hoping for season 4 and 5 for Christmas. hint hint. 

wine is a perennial favorite hostess gift or Christmas present amongst friends. I love red wines and this one has a great start and finnish to it. The dark rich blackberry marries well with the hints of chocolate and vanilla.

Thanks to Allison and Kevin we are hooked and have passed it on to many of our friends. This game is excellent. It's like Monopoly and Risk collided. See the true colours of your friends - Power Hungry Cut Throats. It's addictive and fun. Pick up the expansion pack if you want 6 players. and remember...
What happens in Catan - Stays in Catan!

With their indoor/ outdoor soles these slippers are perfect. With the shearling surrounding your feet your have warmth, comfort and moisture wicking too. Wear around the house, or grocery shopping.

Grant gave me this cd a couple years ago for Christmas and I love it. I keep this cd in my car and have it on my ipod. Her classic 80's tunes and a few new ones. This collection is essential!

11. A Day at Nakai.
We all need a day of pampering. This spa is beautiful and relaxing. Bring your ipod, enjoy a cup of herbal tea and mentally check out for the day.

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  1. Great list! Have you ever tried the game Ticket to Ride? Lucas and I big fans and strangely enough, while its nothing like Settlers of Catan, its a similar kind of strategy and equally fun. Plus, its much easier to play with only 2 or 3 people which works really well for us. Oh, and products from Lush (the bubble bar) and pearls are both on my list this year too - either for Christmas or for graduation :)