Monday, November 15, 2010

All I want for Christmas

Everyone seems to be getting in the Christmas spirit. I am finding it a little hard this year. Maybe it is because it has been crazy busy up until now. With the new store opening in 2 weeks, I am holding back on getting to "wrapped up" in the holidays. I think once that is over I can change my focus. The Santa Claus parade always puts us in the mood, we come home, enjoy hot drinks and good music and consider tackling the tree.

Big G untangling the lights!

Last night, after we got all unpacked from our weekend and little g tucked into bed, Big G and I sat and enjoyed the fire and a glass of wine, talking about how fast this Christmas season snuck up on us. We started talking about what we wanted for Christmas. Grant said "underwear" . I told him if he said that one more time I would buy him $400 worth and nothing else. (This is a man who does not like to shop). We had some laughs over past wierd and ugly presents and then started thinking about what we really truly wanted for Christmas and we both said the same. A week off - together. Anywhere. Tropical would be nice but not required. For the past 5 years we have taken our vacations seperately because work does not allow us otherwise. Grant's business closes for one week of the year. Christmas to New Years. We tried going away tropical before but that was with friends and family and frankly not very relaxing accomodating everyone's agendas. Lesson learned.
I can't see us getting away this year, vacation packages are not cheap. And I struggle with spending that kind of money on one week when we could put that towards upgrading the cottage and enjoy  it year round. Then we could spend the one week off there. That sounds like heaven.
It probably doesn't seem like a lot to some but it is a rather expensive gift, so if you are reading this Santa, wondering if you can make this girl's wish come true.

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  1. Perhaps a family trip to Toronto and then just the two of you flying off somewhere warm while Georgia enjoys a week hanging out with some favourite cousins?