Monday, December 19, 2011


It's Christmas. I love Christmas. The whole season. A time for reflection. A time for caring and sharing. Laughter. Surprises. Celebration. Great Food. Family. Gifts and decorations. My favorite parts of Christmas are the traditions. 
As I type I am flooded with memories of some of my favorite traditions over the years. There are the classics like getting up at 3am to run out to the tree and see what Santa brought us. Or the special Christmas cereal - the only time that mom would allow us to have sugary cereals. I always picked Frankenberry or Lucky Charms.
Some of my favorite traditions I made with Grant and Georgia. Christmas Eve is a big day for us. We can't sleep in too late or we miss all the action. We head to the mall around mid morning where we grab our specialty coffees and a comfy chair in the center, sit back, relax and people watch. This is so much fun. Some are racing around. Some laughing, Some fighting. There are the women who are all dolled up in their high heels and party hair. Others still in their pj's or sweats. We sometimes take a break from the sitting and do a little self indulgent shopping but nothing that needs to be delivered or put under the tree. After the crowd dies down we head home to prepare for our Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone has a tradition here. For us, it's wings and ceasar salad. The wings slow cook in the oven all night and we head to the Christmas Eve service at church. This year, I am singing in the service. A little nervous. The service will end with Silent Night by candle light. No matter what church we are at this is always solemn and beautiful.
We'll arrive home to the wonderful aroma of chicken and garlic roasting. The wine will be chilled. The salad tossed and we will cosy up and watch one of our favorite Christmas classics.

After years of watching our own parents frantically run around on this day we decided we would not carry the panic on. I look forward to this day with Grant and Georgia so much. It is completely self indulgent. With no expections of me or of anyone else. The hardest decision all day is, what kind of coffee will I order.

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  1. Love that you just sit back and relax on Christmas Eve! That's always been the way with my family too. Looking forward to seeing you while you are in Hartland :)