Saturday, August 20, 2011


This will be the 2nd Annual Lipperpalooza.

Now that the sun is starting to breakthrough I am getting excited for everyone to show up.

Gary relaxing while tending the corn.
Last year we had so much fun that we agreed it needed to happen more often. And then Grant's dad died at Christmas. Who knew the next time we all saw each other would be so sad? It seemed more important than ever to plan this bbq.

Everyone should start arriving here at the lake late afternoon. No agenda but loads to play and do. Swimming, kayaking, golfing (I'm sure Kevin and Allison will have a mini putt course all set up by 4ish). The bon fire will be so much fun with 4 generations gathered for s'mores, guitars, and fireworks. Did I mention food? Corn Boil, Hamburgers, Shelley's Salads are always yummy and lil'g even wanted to make a contribution this year so she is making her famous taco dip.
A bunch of Kooks. Blow out the candles Nanny Sis.
We are a crazy clan. Masters of the silly face portraits and even though we sometimes drive each other nuts but we enjoy a good feast filled with laughter and lots of R & R.
They will be here soon. Time to stop reminiscing and get the iced tea brewing.

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