Wednesday, June 29, 2011


School is out. I decided to pack an overnight bag, the laptop and lil' g and I hit the road to go visit my folks for a couple of days. Yes, I had to bring my laptop. It's one of the freedoms of being able to just take off at a moments notice and still get work done. Because it was a quick decision to make the trip I packed lightly, but their were a few essentials that had to make it in my bag. You know, the kinda things you don't leave home without. I'm sure you essentials would look quite different from mine. But I had to make sure I packed:

Calvin Klein T's. This tee is actually part of the Essentials collection by Calvin Klein . There you have it, they agree with me that this tee is an essential. giggle. Actually they are sleepwear but so comfy I wear them as day wear and no one is the wiser. So soft and comfortable. Most tees look to sporty for me but these just seem to have a little more style. I love that we carry them at the Girls Bra Shop. Tammy and I always anticipate the next season's colour.

Ultra soft and comfortable. Made of the natural and luxurious modal fabric.

Exercise Bands. Oh I packed my running shorts, sneakers, sports bra and ipod. But I like to get my strength training in too. So I plan to do some planks, downward facing dog, willow tree and a several arm curls. I love these bands. The are so easy to pack in an over night kit and they offer just the right amount of resistance. And by bringing them with me it keeps me from making excuses.

 a great way to workout while you travel or add variety to your usual routine.

LLBean Boat and Tote. When we were in Freeport a couple of years ago, I grabbed a couple of these amazing totes. The most durable canvas. You can carry up to 500lbs. That's crazy. I have suitcases for my business trips but for hob knobbing about, to the lake, or evening to the city market these tote carry everything.  

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