Monday, June 20, 2011

Fabulous Finds

I love to shop but I don't like to shop for clothes. Why? Because I am a unique shape and size from head to toe. I typically buy one or two pieces each season to spruce my closet up. I have a few name brands but not just to say I have a name brand but because it fits, it looks good and I like it, And, let's face it, most designer labels are not made for curvy woman. Typically, I can only find clothes at Ricki's to fit my curves but lately their styles are not working for my hourglass. Their tops are made for women who want to hide their waist and that's the asset I need to show off. Cardigans and sweaters are always too short for my long torso. Strapless tops were always a "no" until I found the perfect strapless bra at The Girls Bra Shop. Shoes are always a challenge. I can never find a cute or trendy size 11 and typically my options are limited to a classic, more mature style. While my friend always grabs the Franco Sartos I am stuck with Clarks. (Clarks are great for comfort but it would be nice to have something a little hip and stylish). Usually when I go out with the mission to find a top, pant or shoes I come home with more stuff for the house and nothing for my closet. Imagine my surprise to find the perfect pieces when I wasn't looking for them at all.

Steve Madden Wedge Peep Toe - Winner's $49
While Shopping for a pair of shoes for my daughter, I decided to stroll a few aisles over to see what/ if anything existed in my size. Surprise, Surprise. I found the cutest summer nude wedges. In my size! And when lil' g saw my shoes shes squealed "you got Steve Madden shoes?"

Denver Hayes Cardigan with Rosettes - $19 Sale/ $39 Reg.
 Just this weekend, we were in Sussex picking up a few things for the lake and Big G decided to take a look in Mark's Work Wearhouse for jeans and work pants. I strolled through the mall while waiting. That took 10 mins. so I browsed the women's section of Mark's while waiting for Grant to finish up. Again, I was surprised when I saw the cutest cardigan with rosettes around the neckline. I tried it on and it fit perfect. The bonus: it was on sale for $19.99.

Exposed Envy Bra Straps Available at The Girls Bra Shop.

A month ago I received an email from my biz partner that I had to check out these new straps, she had met the rep and loved them and bought a pair immediately. Who would have thought the rep would come to the store the very next day to check us out. Tammy was right, I loved them and bought the pair shown above. They go great with almost everything I own in a strapless or sleeveless style. And so inexpensive, all the styles we carry are under $40.

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