Saturday, June 18, 2011

A lazy day and a Copper Moon.

It's summer time and I am enjoying a weekend away at the lake.
Sunset view from my porch
I would prefer clear skies and sunshine. If that were the case I would be down at the waters edge with a cocktail and a good book. Instead it has been pouring rain all day, but a warm rain which has made it enjoyable and relaxing. The view of the lake is still beautiful even when overcast. What does one do at the lake on a rainy day? Read, Write, watch a few classics, paint your nails, and nap are just a few of the things I have done today. But to finish the night off I am going to enjoy some wine and the sound of the rain beating against the screened in porch.
I would much prefer a malbec or tannat but since I can no longer have red I am forever in search for a white that I can love just as much. I guess the upside would be that we are always trying new wines, this time we picked up Copper Moon's Sauvignon Blanc. An inexpensive white that claims to have notes of citrus, tropical fruit and goosberry. Which I didn't really detect. It is light and not overly sweet with a  dryness that lingers. For the price, it fulfilled all expectations. (as Big G would say "you can't complain about quality at the dollar store"). The mosquito coils are lit, the patio lantern are plugged in and Big G is waiting on the porch with a box of silly trivia questions. Time to exit and enjoy my evening.

Tomorrow, the girls are planning to kayak and go for a run while Big G enjoys Father's Day do what he loves: a day of golf. Here's hoping the rain goes away.  

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