Sunday, June 19, 2011

Staying at the Four Seasons

Another lazy day brought to you by Mother Nature. Plans to go kayaking or running have been twharted. The day has been a mixture of cold rain, thunder and lightening. I think that Mr. Sun is in a humourous mood because he keeps peeking out from behind a dark storm cloud just to torment us. At the moment, it is has stopped raining but the it is so cold and windy that Grant is wearing his winter coat while mowing the lawn and Georgia and I are watching the streaks of lightening flash over the lake.

So we won't be able to go dip our toes in the water this weekend. There are plenty of games and cocktails inside. Georgia is setting up Mexican Train and a big bowl of popcorn. When staying at this Four Season's the entertainment is good indoors and out. The food is always 5 star - I believe it is glazed, bbq pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and one of my specialty salads.Mouth watering as I got a whiff.
The accomodations are so good here, I think we are going to stay the extra night. After all it is only school and work we are going home for  - just get up an hour earlier and shazam we'll be home.

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