Monday, January 9, 2012

the new norm

I haven't respond to a Sunday Scribblings in ages.  "Normal is just a cycle on the washer" is said so frequently in my world that I just had to respond to this week's prompt.

I juggle two jobs. I chauffeur my 12 yr old to cheerleading, guitar lessons, and youth group each week. I volunteer, and on Sunday's I am the church pianist in the worship team. I run 5k every other day and  struggle through 22 minutes of Jillian Michaels all to take care of the only body I've got. I love book club but rarely finish the book before we meet each month. Posing in my underwear for a photoshoot of real woman scared the crap out of me but I did it and I felt beautiful.. until I saw the proofs. I love to share good wine with my friends but finding time means scheduling it  just like any other appointment. I don't pretend  - what you see is what you get. Who has time to be something they are not. That's exhausting. I have so many crafts and hobbies started but look out if I put it down, it may never get done.

I am not trying to be superwoman. I am like any other woman who is trying to balance the "must do's" with the "want to's".

It's 2012 and I am normal.

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