Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Contradictionary World.

  Last night I went on a mission to find a lite weight jacket that I could wear running outdoors - to break the wind and keep warm on the cooler days (wish I'd had one yesterday). I had a criteria for this jacket: it couldn't stick to my sweaty arms and body and I didn't want it to cook me like I were in a sauna, like the Columbia jacket I bought years ago but never wear because it does feel like a sauna suit. So, I went into every sports store on the east side, seeking the help of the sales people. The only jacket that met the criteria was ... a NorthFace jacket. Unbelievable. I told the salesgirl I couldn't buy it because I openly ridicule women who wear their jackets. To which I received a funny look. So I left, finished my errands and went back and got the jacket.
I have mocked many women (and men too) who wear clothing that's designed for a specific purpose yet they have not, nor will they ever use the clothing for the designed purpose ie: NorthFace jackets on people who are not active nor adventurers, but hey they look great when picking up the kids at school or getting the groceries.
So then I started thinking about it and I was already a hypocrite, way before NorthFace. I wear LuluLemon yet I don't do yoga, I wear birks yet I am not much of a free spirit. Both companies I have scoffed for becoming huge name brands. And those traveler friends of mine (that's pretty much most of my friends)... I have said I don't need to travel - I have everything I need right here and yet I find I am searching for new trips hours after I have landed. Yes, a big time hypocrite - head hanging low.
I have become a name branded wanderlust. Oh the shame.
As for the traveling, I get why so many Canadians get away. The sun, the sand, the culture,  the idea of escaping reality even if it is only for a week or two. In the words of Dr. Seuss "Somehow you'll escape all that waiting and staying You'll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing.". The travel - it seeps into your veins and the more you do, the more you want.

Okay, so I am to get why these brands are so popular and have stood the test of time. The birks (as ugly as I think they are) are just the most comfortable thing my feet have ever worn. The lululemon - well again comfort is top of the list, but breathable, washable and fitted to compliment a women's curves. Then there is the NorthFace jacket. Why was it so special (aside from the fact it was 25% off)? Most of the brands the local sports stores carry are either designed for extreme weather making them too heavy and not very comfortable for running or they do not have a proper lining inside the body & sleeves making the nylon fabric stick to you like wet glue. Not a great feeling when you are at km no.4. The jacket I came home with met all my criteria and looked great to boot.
So now what? Well, I am currently investigating a girl's getaway, a romantic getaway and a family getaway all spanning the next 18months. I will find a new brand to scoff until it too can prove me wrong. Hey have you heard of Bench? My world is definitely becoming a contradiction.

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