Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Having it all

I lost my dad recently. I guess he had been sick for a while but didn't know it, and things went downhill rather fast.  The month has been filled with many questions. Not just the "why" and "how come" but also many questions about my own life and choices. 

One day, while sitting at my dad's bedside in the hospital, dad was sleeping and it was me and my brother there with him. We were talking about life choices, careers, etc. He said " surely, you must be making money". I said "we make enough to put food on our table, have a nice home. That's all we need. I have a beautiful child and a husband who loves me. I love my life!". Silence. My brother had no quick rebuttal to that statement. Not sure what he was thinking but I imagine he thought I would want more. I don't need to be famous or see the Seven Wonders to feel I have lived or have everything.  I don't need a designer house or a fancy car to define who I am. I have what I need.
That not to say I won't go places or see things. Maybe, someday.  

I wonder if dad felt that way. When I think of how he looked at mom even in his last days - blowing her kisses, telling her she is the most beautiful woman and how lucky he was to have her, yeah, I think dad would say he had everything too.

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