Friday, June 14, 2013

I May Be Slow, but I'm Faster Than a Couch Potatoe

A Slow Runner - that's what I am.
Although that does not mean I forever and always want to be labeled as such. My goal is to run a 5k race under 30 minutes. My first 5k race was last summer and I was one of the final 3 to cross the line, clocking 38:58 min. I have been working hard, but lately, most days it feels like I am getting no where in my progress. My friends had signed up for a fun run/ charity race and I didn't ...until the last minute. I hesitated for weeks because I was nervous that I would not do well. Days before the race something clicked in my brain and I realized I was approaching my running in all the wrong ways. With all the motivation posts/ blogs/ memes floating around how could I ever doubt my abilities? and yet I did. 
Mr & Mrs. before the race.
The race was crazy fun. Tropical Storm Andrea was hitting the Atlantic provinces on the day of the race. I could have backed out but a true runner goes out rain or shine. So I psyched myself up for it, had my coffee, banana and bagel breakfast and piled in the car with my two comrades and head for the PEI Runway Run. 

Comrades: L to R Grant and David

A damp Day: 10C, 70km/hr winds/ heavy rain. Approx. 300 runners line the runway waiting for the signal. We were soaked before the gun went off. I stayed at the back of the pack while the boys went ahead. Many people were passing me but I kept a good steady pace. I had my tunes playing and miCoach guiding me, I was in the zone. By the first km I started inching on some of those who raced out of the starting line. That felt good. To be able to pass people was something I never imagined, especially in those weather conditions. I reached the 4km mark ahead of my anticipated time and realized if I push it just a bit more I can shave a minute of my 5k record. 

36:17 mins. That's what my finish time was. I was riding a high for the rest of the weekend. A new PB. 2 1/2 min faster than my last race. I couldn't be happier. Chilled and Soaked but over the moon with excitement. I may not do a sub 30min 5k this year but I am well on my way and not giving up on the possibility. 
drying off and all smiles. 


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