Friday, March 1, 2013

I am getting ready to go away and all I am taking is one carry on bag. I have never traveled for this long with this little luggage and the thought of it is daunting. Which is why I haven't packed yet and I leave in 12 hrs. 
my Lug puddle jumper.
Perfect for a weekend, but a week? 
It really shouldn't be that hard because every time I travel I take too much, tops and bottoms that don't even get worn so why can't I figure out what to pack. Part of the problem is that it is -7°C here and +20° at my destination, Katy, TX.  

Spending the day in the airport and in the sky I want to be comfy but I am tired of wearing yoga pants on my travel day. I really don't know how people stay stylin' on travel day, but I am going to give it my best shot. 

I am going to try and wear my "impossible to pack" pieces on travel. Landing in Houston, of course I've got to wear my boots. Well I don't know what I will pack for the week but I like what I pulled together for travel day. I better go get packing. 
Jacket from the Gap, I snagged last fall in TO during the buying trip for the shop; boots from Cavender's Boot City, Houston, TX; and I love this scarf from Pseudio - it's new and I can't wait to wear it; the turquoise nails go with just about any outfit. 

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