Monday, February 11, 2013

I am so tired of my wardrobe lately. My closet needs a complete makeover. It has no identity. With a large section dedicated to running clothes and another for the clothes that don't fit anymore that leaves only a couple of dresses, 2 or 3 tops and a few sweaters. Sadly, I can't put much of it together and make it work. 

one of the few outfits I can pull out of my closet.
It's the bleak of winter so I don't feel like investing a whole lot and will make due with what I have got until the grass begins to appear. 

Until then, I have been having fun on Polyvore creating storyboards and pulling ideas together. Now if I can just find these pieces my wardrobe will be fresh for spring and summer. This may prove to be difficult to do locally, I may have to resort to a few favorite online shops. 
Cole Haan shoes are on order with Urban Shoe Myth. Can't wait.

I love lace.
This could very well be one of my favorite combos. 

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