Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pyramids, Lunges and Kickbacks

I thought I was feeling better and I guess when resting, I am but once I start working out my lung capacity is shot. It's like the last four months of PB's never happened. Realizing this, I decided to skip the normal workout routine and change it up completely. I gotta say it was a great workout and I need to change it up more often. My butt, quads and hams are gonna feel it in the morning. 

Not matter, I tell myself to just slap the spandex on and do it~ it's only 30 mins. I used 5lb dumbbells for the upper body moves. 

Warm up by doing 10 min on the elliptical. 

100 jumping jacks
10 tricep kickbacks in lunge position
10 bicep curls in lunge position
10 rows in a squat position
30 squats 
2km run at 5.7 mph at incline of 2

Cool down 10 min walk*

*Every minute of the walk I raised the incline by 1 until I reached level 10 and then walked it back down to starting incline of 2.

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