Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My clothes are in need of replacing and with spring just around the corner I decided to do a little browsing online and see what my options are. Now I am down to a size where I can shop in regular sized clothing stores and I don’t have to rely so heavily on specialty shops. I may have dropped 4 dress sizes but I still have to deal with my curves. 
So, while doing a little online window shopping, I stumbled across ModCloth and fell in love. 1000’s of dresses in all sorts of colours. I was drawn to the 1960’s style mostly. I have to admit I got a little shopper’s high when I typed in my credit card number. Of course my mind was whirling … I’m going to need new shoes, and a purse, and a hat - I wish I had bought that hat at Banana Republic - it would look perfect. It's still bitterly cold outside so I have a few months to pull this outfit together.  


  1. I love the outfit Ann! Have you done any shopping on www.eshakti.com?

  2. No I haven't heard of eshakti but will check them out. I cannot wait for this and the other dress I ordered to arrive. I see Urban Shoe Myth and Manchester Shoes are posting their new arrivals and am hoping to find a shoe like this. Already got a bag very similar to this.