Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pizza and a Movie

About a year ago we started a Friday night tradition of take out pizza and renting a movie. Despite the challenge of finding a movie suitable for everyone, we look forward to our family night together.

Gone are the days where we are pumped about it being Friday night, where we whip off the work clothes and throw on something a little more fun and head out to a friends house for a party or wine and dine the night away. Now-a-days, we look forward to the end of the week where we can put our feet up and relax for an evening. I am not sure where we got the idea for pizza and a movie. I 'm sure there are lots of families who do the same thing, but it has become a tradition that we all look forward to at the end of long week.
In an effort to Live Right Now, we have made a few adjustments to our ritual. Instead of getting takeout we make our own pizzas. I gotta say, it is more fun & creative and we have made some pretty amazing pies. We also stopped renting the movies from BBV and pick one from the On Demand Choices on the tv. This has saved us about $20 a week. I suspect our homemade pizzas are probably a few hundred calories lighter, definitely less salty.

I remember as a kid, no pizza parlour in the small town of Hartland, Mom would make us pizzas. One of my favorite combos was sliced hotdogs and dill pickles. Dill Pickles. I know. We ate dill pickles with almost everything so it only made sense to us to throw them on as a topping and it was good.

My tastes have changed a little. My favorite homemade pizza so far has been the shaved ham, fresh basil, black olives and 3 cheeses on a thin crust. I love the sweet basil leaves. The G's tend to make a meat lovers style on a thick crust, and black olives. There always has to be black olives on it. yum! I guess my tastes haven't changed that much, I've just switched the choice of fruit pickled in vinegar and brine.

Last night, lil' g made the pizzas while I threw together a ceasar salad. Mmmm extra cheese, way to go lil' g. And the movie? Well there is nothing funnier than Canadians making fun of the system and themselves. Dave Foley in The Wrong Guy was just the kind a humour we needed to end this long week.

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  1. I love this Friday night tradition. Homemade pizza normally makes an appearance on our weekend menu too, but our topping choices are not quite as daring as yours. We often rely on the old-standby... BBQ chicken :)