Thursday, February 17, 2011

What did you learn today?

My day started off great, really great.  lil’ g humming a tune while making pancakes. Then Big G drove me to the Halifax airport. It was an enjoyable ride, a comfortable silence. I, reading the book LOVE and Grant flipping channels between a talk show about reality tv.
I had settled in nicely at my gate with an 1hr 15mins til boarding when I saw a crowd come towards me and the voice on the intercom announced that those passengers were to go to the customer service desk. Why was I so interested? That flight was supposed to land in St. John's - my destination - but due to bad weather, had to turn around and come back. It actually made it all the way to St. John's but could not land due to 120km/h winds.
Clue no.1 I was not going to arrive on time.

After many little announcements like "we will have information very soon" & "we'll be loading very shortly, do not leave the gate area" they finally told the truth.

It was now 7pm. Our flight would be leaving at midnight.

I should've landed and checked in to my hotel by now. Strangers started bonding. Two guys were really seeing the brighter side of the day and when they heard this announcement they said "I think that leaves time for a beer" turning to me they said "come join us". I thought why not. 5 min later another delayed passenger walked by and we all flagged her down too. Soon, 8 of us were around a table sharing laughs and stories, wanting to know why each of us were headed to St. John's in the first place.

Don (Halifax)was going to see his 4day old grandson. Isabelle was headed home. Ian (an Irish lad) was in the military on leave to see his girlfriend. Sherman (TO) was taking a vacation to see his kids & grandkids. Tammy was pretty hush hush but laughed at all the jokes, Leanne was heading home, and the last guy - I didn't get his name- was going home on a work break from the NWT and me, from NB going to celebrate the grand opening of our first franchise. All such different lives and a story to tell. We covered religion, sports, shoe shopping, camping, volunteering and mission trips, travel, and so much more.

In the book LOVE, Leo suggests learning something new each day. He said a lot of things. Like "man is a social being" and we are all unique, "Nature abhors sameness". The next 5hrs flew by as we embraced each other's uniqueness and held a common bond.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot at 3:45 am I was thinking this was great day. I met 8 incredible people. I learned something new.

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  1. Such an amazingly positive attitude considering your situation. I hope that your opening goes well and that your flight home is less eventful :)