Tuesday, January 11, 2011

coming out of my slumber

Beep Beep Beep. slam. crash. I knock the hand cream, my journal and pen off of my night stand as I try to find the snooze button in the dark. One eye open, I see the mess I have made. I must have been in a deep sleep because the clock says it is 7:15am and it was set to go off at 6:55am. I'm surprised Grant hasn't grumbled yet.
I throw back the sheets and swing my feet around, grab my robe and try to find the energy to stand up. If I don't get moving soon lil'g will be late for school. The only thing motivating me is the idea that I will be back in bed in 1 hour. That's right. As soon as I get back from dropping lil'g off at school I am crawling back in bed to catch a couple more hours of precious sleep.
The smell of breakfast cooking works it's way through my senses. Perking me up ever so slightly. I must resist. It's cold outside, I better start the car, get it warmed up and the snow cleared off. Brrr, my bed is going to feel so warm and cosy and only 20 mins away. We head to school. It is a beautiful morning. The sun is beginning to make an appearance over the eastern landscape. The crisp air fills my lungs. I pull into the school yard as the bell is ringing. Phew. Made it, just in time. Now to get back home and back to dream land.
I kick my boots off as I hang my coat and hat and shake the cold air off of me. By the time I am in the kitchen I am fully awake and thinking there is no way I can go back to sleep now. Great. I am awake. Might as well put a pot of coffee on and get the day started.

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