Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Asparagus doesn't only come in a Can

Cream of Mushroom soup on toast, served with canned asparagus. That was a common meal at our house growing up. I didn't know asparagus could be bought or served any other way. It wasn't until my 20's when I moved to the city that I saw asparagus sandwiches served at social functions. ew.
These memories came to mind as I was pulling into Sobeys to pick up some missing ingredients for tonights dinner. Namely, Asparagus. I had the luxury of working from home today and I decided to soak in some of our new HD channels. Still in my pj's, I got comfy in my big red chair, turned the volume down low and worked on the quarterly return. The whole point of having the tv on in the first place was so that I could peek now and then to see what was on the telly. Most of the time it was white noise but then a cooking show came on. Yum. Stuffed chicken and pasta, eggplant parmegiano and you guessed it, asparagus.
I love to cook, I just don't seem to have time most days. (that sounds bad, of course we eat, but it's usually a quickie and out the door we go). I may not have followed the recipes on the show but I did whip up a pretty yummy meal. Basil Pesto Rotini and grilled chicken, slices of eggplant in bread crumbs and seasoning covered in parmegiano cheese and fried in a pan and roasted asparagus basted in balsimic vinegrette covered in pepper and asiago. In my mother's words "it was the best I ever made!"
When I told little g about the cream of mushroom on toast meal she curled her face up pretty tight. I actually liked this meal growing up in rural NB and I haven't had it since I moved out on my own 20 yrs ago. Hmmm, I wonder why? I wonder if I would still like it today? I'll let you know.

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  1. Your cream of mushroom soup on toast sounds like my Cheese sandwiches (cheese whiz and bacon bits on wonderbread). Its weird how something that tasted good then is enough to make me want to skip breakfast this morning :)

    Glad you had a "best I ever made" dinner! It certainly sounds yummy.