Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Days

I love snow days. Always have. When you wake up to see freshly fallin snow, the sound of the big plow, the thoughts of staying my jammies all day, listening to the radio in hopes of hearing your district announcing a cancelation. Not much has changed in 30 years. I still love snow days but with a slight variaton on the theme. I still love looking out the window at the winter white landscape. I still stay in my jammies - one of the pleasures of being able to work from home. Only now as a 40 something I crawl back in bed for an extra few Zzzz's before I begin my day and thankfully I can convince my lil'g to do the same.
Snow days are a day for simmering applesauce on the stove, curling up in a quilt, or building forts in the middle of the living room. Right now we have 2 forts in the house. They may look a little messy from the outside but crawl in and you will be amazed how wonderful they look from the inside.
Not everyone feels this way about snow days. I could list off a pile of complaints but complaining isn't going to make the snow go away. And if the schools didn't close we'd complain about the safety of our kids. Can't win with some. So I say embrace, peel some apples, grab the blankets and build a fort. Another storm is coming.

... approx. 15cm of snow is on it's way.

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  1. Me too! I absolutely adore snow days. We had a snow day here a couple weeks ago but I had to go to work for an appointment. I didn't love that snow day so much :)