Thursday, February 4, 2010

Am I a Mermaid or a Whale?

I have been doing some research today on marketing to the 50+ woman. While many women in our area have heard about and flocked to our shop, we seem to missing out on reaching this age group a bit.  Saint John is not a big city, yet many women who cross my path have yet to hear about us.  This was a slight blow to my ego due to all the publicity at the beginning. Why we couldn't even go into the hardware store with a sales rep pointing out who we were (blush). Nonetheless, we want to reach these women and my research took me to all sorts of places.  I stumbled across a blog that I thought posed a very good questions.  Do I want to be a Mermaid or a Whale? Hmmm. Is that like blondes vs. brunettes? Well, I can't say blondes have more fun. I have plenty. What's really interesting is that while I do not measure up according to my BMI (29), I have several friends comment lately how thin and great I look. Sure I would like to look like a mermaid but as the Northern Pikes sing "She ain't pretty, she just looks that way".

This is all so coincidental as I have been working on a new doll, which happens to be a mermaid. Missing arms, and hundreds of beads waiting to be sewn on, she is no where near being complete but I thought I'd attach a little pic of her in progress. Like my fabricated mermaid, I'm just a doll in the making.

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