Sunday, February 7, 2010

I can't hear you.

Do you know how to leave a message? Part of my morning routine at work is to get the messages left during after hours and seriously, some people have no clue how to leave a message on a machine. Typically, I have to replay the message once or twice, sometimes 3 or 4 times because people rattle off the info so fast that I can't get it written down quickly enough. Or they are so hungry that they decide to eat their phone while they are talking into it so that I hear some modern day version of Charlie Brown's school teacher. Then there is the type who talk on and on and on and say nothing. Details people! Details! We asked you to leave details (we meant specifics). Do not ramble - that's what blogging is for!
Here's an idea: if you feel compelled to leave a message try mentioning the purpose of your call. How about adding your name - it's highly plausible that we deal with more than one client. Do you have a phone number we can call you back at or did you just pick a random payphone to dial us up on? And really do you think we took a stenographer's course.  They haven't offered that since the mid 80's. If you want me to write down the details try speeak-i-n-g sloooooooooow eeeeeeeeenough that, I can get it all.

Sunday Scribblings wants to know what the message is, well intrepret this:

Speak Clearly. Make Your Point. Let them remember who you are, otherwise no one is gonna listen!