Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deep Freeze

It is -20C here in Quispamsis. I am sitting by the fire this cold frigid morning, working on a couple marketing projects for the shop. It is early and I am not quite awake yet so my mind is wondering a bit. 
Across the room perched on my stack of books and supplies is my latest doll.  I sewed her body and put the first layer on her face last night.  She is different from the others in that I deviated a lot from the pattern. When I laid the fabric out to cut, it looked a lot like the scale of a fish and my first thought was to make a mermaid with it.  But I didn't have such a pattern. I figured that shouldn't stop me. So I tried to imagine how a mermaids tail would look and how to translate that into a pattern.  With a bit of readusting here and there, I had an end result that pleased me. I also had time yesterday to stop by Cricket Cove and check out the wool selections.  I found beautiful mohairs, buffalo, alpaca and more. The mohair I chose for this doll with beautiful and sparkly. The colours are a bold version of iridesence, which will lend themselves perfectly for my aquatic creation. I think once her face is done and all the beading is applied she will be very charming.

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