Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner with the Girls

We have the most amazing team of women working for us at the Girls. All so unique and interesting in their own right. I decided to invite them all over for dinner. We decided to go with a Mediterranean theme and bring our favorite wines to share. The food was a amazing (must get the recipes), the wines where bold and smooth, the conversations were full of laughter and yet full of substance, well okay may the bra flashings were not too full of substance but it wouldn't be a gathering of the girls without a flashing or too. Ha.
I tidied up the house a bit. It was nice knowing I only had to prepare the salad. The Girls were each bringing a part of the meal. I had the table all set when everyone arrived. Candles lit, wine in the decanter, my good china, charger plates, and Norah Jones playing the background. The food was so good. From Tammy's Spanokipita and chicken brochettes and Teresa's roasted garlic, brie and baguettes, to my ceasar salad and Susanne's Lasagna and the final touch was Katherine's dessert which I couldn't begin to pronounce or spell. Teresa described it best when she took a bite and said "ummmm, tastes like warm sugar." After everyone left, Tammy - my business partner and I enjoyed the quiet and cleaned up before our men returned. Did I mention, the evening was just for us girls? The men were not invited. I so appreciate each of the women we have working for us. They are such incredible individuals and yet such a great team.
I think Tammy summed it up best while we were cleaning up, when she said "this dinner wouldn't have been the same with any other women or friends. We hired women we like and would actually hang out with."

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