Saturday, January 30, 2010

time out

I have been working night and day on a couple deadlines so I decided to take Friday afternoon off and treat myself to an art class. June Cable was teaching a Felting/ embellishment class at the Saint John Arts Centre and I was very much interested in participating. So glad I did. For one, I needed the time out to do something for me and two, I am really interested in creating fibre art. The ability to take wool and use it to create a picture is so imaginative to me. First, June showed how to needle felt and made us each design a heart on a wool swatch. Once we felt comfortable (pun intended) we could then begin creating on the object we brought to the class. Most brought clothing, I brought a purse. The class was such a great stress reliever for me. The instructor is also a doll maker,another reason I wanted to take her class, which afforded me a little time to talk to her about doll making and learning how to incorporate different fibres and techniques. She offered me many names of artists and authors of books on design and technique. The class was becoming more valuable to me by the minute.

I am not sure I am going to take the skills I learned and apply them to my art dolls, I am developing a certain style for those already. However, I am planning out my first piece of felt art in my mind already. Part of learning how to make the dolls I have also tried to learn how to draw faces so I am going to take one my sketches and transfer it to a piece of burlap via wools and exotic fibres. This will take some time as I want to map it out in my head completely before transfering it to the burlap canvas.

In the meantime, I have lots to do with my dolls. I have finished painting the legs and just added fifty or more tiny seed beads to the bodice of her dress.I will attach her legs as soon as they are dry and be done with her. I think I have had enough practice and am ready to start creating my doll entry for the Hoffman Challenge.

Life couldn't be better. As I listen to Billie Holiday sing Nice Work If You Can Get It, I reflect on my life and I think it is pretty great. I have two great partnerships ~one with my husband and best friend, and one with dearest friend and kindred spirit. I love married life (18yrs strong) and we have the most incredible daughter. And although life has thrown us a few curveballs it couldn't be sweeter. As hectic as life is, I still manage to find time for myself and indulge in my passion for art and creativity.

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