Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally have my head attached

What with running the bra shop and training a new assistant at the lab, plus parent teacher meetings and a birthday for my 10yr old,it has been a very busy week and not much time to spend on my doll. I did manage to steal away a few hours and attempt turning my second set of hands. To no success, I might add. I almost had it but,on the 5th finger, wrecked all my hard work, and then again on the other. Crips!
After the birthday party was all cleaned up yesterday I went to my sewing room and sewed a third set of hands. I actually think the setting and mood were perfect for the job. The silence was incredibly beautiful. So I curled up on the sofa, plugged my ipod in and set it to chapter one of The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, grabbed my hemostats and began the task of turning those wretched little fingers. I will be so happy when my parcel arrives from Cloth Doll Supply and I will have the little tool that I keep reading will help me with this painstaking task. Once I got them successfully turned I thought it best to put them away and quit for the night.
Today was the most beautiful day. The sky was clear blue and the sun shone so bright, so what if it was a mere -13C outside. Church was great, I so enjoyed the worship this morning. After lunch, I took my place on the sofa and pressed play to continue listening to Outlander. I sat for a minute to admire my work on the hands. I was so proud of them the night before, but in the daylight they looked a little more arthretic than I had hoped. I tried manipulating as best I could but soon had to come to terms with the fact that they were not going to get any better. SO I proceeded to attached them to the arms.
Next, I stuffed the head. Now I was getting excited. I am really happy how the head turned out. I grabbed the book to read and reread the instructions. I have come so far, now was not the time to be messing up. "5. Hand sew the head to the neck of the body. Gather your drawing and sculpting materials" the book read.
I am ready to do her face. I am so excited, she is really coming to life now.

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