Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Head above the rest

I am up early and can't sleep so with a fresh cup of coffee I decided to blog my thoughts this morning. I decided to change the photo at the top of my blog. This is a piece of a broken vase we found on the beach when kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean last September. We decided to make a pit stop on a sand dune and go for a stroll, where we found so many interesting things. Over 30 seals were sunbathing on the sunny, crisp, Fall afternoon. A tire draped with seaweed, hundreds of moon snails and this broken vase. I love the little particles of sand and the itty bitty starfish and snails who have made it their home. Our day trip of kayaking was amazing. the seals followed and played with us for a bit. You could see Cape Breton, NS on the horizon, and a few crazy waves added a little excitment to the paddle back. Our time on Poverty Beach is always peaceful and relaxing. So thankful to have friends on the island.

As for an update on my doll progress. I have had so much enjoyment out of painting my dolls face. She is really coming to life. Although no name has come to mind for her yet.I can't quite decide how I want to make her outfit. So I have been digging through some of my baskets of materials searching for ideas. I decided I would have another go at the hands as I am not quite satisfied with the ones I did. I know I can do better if I keep at it, and don't forget I still have the first head I put together (upside down). I think I am going to take all these misfit parts and make a quirky doll. She will be unique and beautiful in her own way. Much like me. Ha.

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