Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sock Monkey

Tuesday was my little g's 10th birthday. It was also the last day of Christmas vacation before heading back to school. We made the most of it. The day started of with being lazy and curling up together in a big comfy blankie and reading together. We then decided we neede to get crafty. So little g went to her sock drawer and grab a pair of pink and burgundy striped socks. We were going to make a sock monkey. Follow the idea of the original sock monkeys made out of the old grey work socks with the red heels and toes. It is really cute but looks more like a lemur than a monkey. No matter. It was fun mom- daughter project and the stuffy is so cuddly and little g is proud of her accomplishment, and brought the monkey with her to her birthday celebration. She took it to school today to show her classmates what she did over the holidays. Eventually I will get a picture of it on here too. Once I find that camera of mine.

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